What we can do for you

Consultation 60-90 Minutes

Nutritional assessment – using medical history, clinical evaluation, biochemistry results, diet history, medicine intake, body composition measurements using Inbody120 scale, dietary guidelines & mealplan

Follow-up consultation 30 minutes (body composition, adjustment of mealplan, recipes, nutritional education)

Other Services

In-Hospital Patients

Clinical Hospital Dieticians specialising in:

1) Renal nutrition: all stages of kidney disease, dialysis, pre- and post transplant

2) Cardiothoracic nutrition: cardiovascular disease, valve replacements, bypasses

3) Nutrition support in the critically ill and ICU requiring artificial nutrition


Consulting dieticians:

1) Lifestyle diseases (diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome/IBS)

2) Weight management

3) Renal nutrition: all stages of kidney disease, dialysis, pre- and post transplant

What our clients have to say

When I started with Nicolene Goosen I weighed about 136kg. I decided that it was time to look better, live healthier and get fit. The knowledge that the dieticians have, has assisted me in losing about 30kgs in 3 years and also become fitter and I am now running my first Comrades Marathon in a couple of months.

Etienne Smit

“I have been working with Nicolene Goosen for the last year to help me gain the edge in my Trail Running and they have helped me loose 10kg in 6 months. Not only has my speed, endurance, strength and power increased greatly on the trail, I am now able to compete with athletes far younger than myself.”

Humpries Goosen

“I started with Nicolene Goosen in October 2012. I am proud to say that I have lost just under 40 kilograms to date. I have more energy, sleep better, and feel better as a whole. My only complaint is I have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe now! What a great “problem” to have!”

Saaedien Mohamed