Miriam Fitchat

I am a registered dietitian with the HPCSA and ADSA.  I started my dietetics journey in 2011 after enrolling at the University of Pretoria for a Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics. I completed my degree in 2014, followed by a Community Service year at Mamelodi Hospital in 2015, where I gained experience in the paediatric, neonatal, adult medical and surgical wards.

I have a special interest in heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, surgery, gastro-intestinal disorders and critical care. I am also passionate about breastfeeding and children’s health.

Nicolene Goosen

Eating and living healthy is a responsibility and takes commitment to follow through every day – because every day counts and add up. Being healthy and living with longevity is the outcome – and who doesn’t want to life like that?

Delaying and even avoiding development of illness and disease is within your control – the way you expose your body to the environment and the way you protect your body by fuelling it with the nutrients you are designed for.

If you don’t train, you can’t run a marathon.

If you don’t buy the correct food, you’re not going to eat the correct food.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.